We shall remember things…

We shall remember things...Forgotten places, recovered tales… People and their stories… and the atmosphere of Vilnius, Lviv and Cracow from the old times, charmed in melodies. This concert may be an attempt to discover one’s roots through the nostalgic music coming from prewar cafés, or traditional urban and rural melodies from between the Wars. Moreover, yiddish, balkan and gypsy songs are also included in this programme, as they arrived to Poland along with people from different places in the world.

Distant Shore

“Northern Atlantis” – forgotten music of Warmia and Masuria Music and texts collected by ethnographer Oskar Kolberg in his work Mazury Pruskie (Prussian Masuria) inspired the new musical project of Mitomani. Characteristic Nordic atmosphere, present in some melodies from this region, began the search of new musical colors and possibilities. The program is an attempt to refresh the charming, unique tradition of this “Northern Atlantis”.